sâmbătă, 8 august 2009


Cazand asemeni unor frunze, amintiri ma trag inapoi, si vine sezonul toamnei. Ofilindu-ma ca un trandafir amintirile revin. Sentimente se redescopera.. Tot timpul ce-a trecut se-ndeparteaza. Mergand pe`un rau inghetat, ma urmaresc umbre si alti trandafiri au amintiri ce nu ma elibereaza.. si nici nu ma ajuta.
Cazand ca picuri de ploaie lacrimi imi racoresc obrazul. Mergand pe raul stralucitor visand zi si noapte.. Ma deschid ca un trandafi, tot ce`mi aduc aminte? Raul spre bine ma elibereaza…

I`m scared. To affraid to show i care.. Will he think me weak? If i tremble, when i speak?! Why, there`s another one he`s speakin of.. Maybe he`s inlove, i`d feel like a foul, life can be so cruel i don`t know what to do.. I`ve been there! With my heart out in my hands.. But what you must understand, you can`t let the chance to love him pass you by.. Tell him, tell him that the sun rise in his arms reach out to here, and whisper, tender words so soft and sweet.. Love will be the gift, you give yourself..
Touch him, with the gentleness you feel inside.. your love can be denied the truth will set you free you`ll have what meant to be.. in time you`ll see..Show him all that can be shown.. I don`t think i can endure if i`d let him walk away, when i have so much to say.. Love is light that surely glows, in the hearts of those who know, it`s a steady flame that grows..

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